Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

All-Aluminum Components Eliminate "False-Positive Copper Fouling Indications

Cleaning jags have machined aluminum components that don’t react with ammonia-based solvents like brass parts sometimes do. Won’t produce blue-green stains on your patches that can be misinterpreted as “false positive” indications of copper fouling, so you’ll know when your bore really is copper-free. Similar in hardness to brass, Copper Eliminator parts won’t scratch the bore or damage the muzzle, and they’ll stand up to hard use. Female-threaded aluminum jags fit standard Dewey nylon-coated rods to extend some of the Copper Eliminator system’s benefits to your existing rod.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:331

SPECS: Machined aluminum. Fits Dewey male-threaded rods, with thread patterns indicated in table.


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Caliber: 22 Caliber (.223-.224)

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Caliber: 243/6 mm (.243), 25 Caliber (.257)

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Caliber: 264/6.5 mm (.264), 284/7 mm (.284)

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Caliber: 30 Caliber (.308)