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Everything You Need To Make Your 700's Trigger Smoother, Lighter & Clean-Breaking

This Brownells DIY Remington 700 Trigger Replacement kit contains all the parts and tools you need to swap out the trigger of your 700 for one that offers a smoother, lighter pull and a precise, crisp break for more accurate shot placement. Without a good trigger, it’s almost impossible to shoot accurately, and this kit will help you improve your rifle's accuracy by upgrading it with a Timney drop-in trigger module.

The Timney Model 510 trigger is a self-contained unit that completely replaces the Remington 700 factory trigger. It takes about 20 minutes to install using the tools contained in this kit and requires no drilling, tapping, grinding, or permanent changes to your rifle's receiver. You can take it out whenever you want and put the original trigger back. The module's housing is made from machined billet aluminum, with precision-aligned internal parts of heat treated, hardened steel. You can adjust the pull weight from 1½" to 4 lbs., and the smoothly curved, 3/8" wide grooved trigger shoe gives excellent feel and control. The Timney system uses a new safety design that blocks the trigger, not the sear. There’s no way to move the trigger once it's on Safe, and it virtually eliminates the risk of an accidental sear release when you move the safety to fire.

The kit also includes a Brownells Rifle Bench Block to protect your gun and your work surface when you remove the trigger pins from the action, plus a dual nylon/brass hammer and a Grace Pin Punch Set that will not only serve for this project but will cover 90% of your future pin removal needs. For trigger installation, you’ll first use these punches to drive out the pins holding the old trigger in the action. Then, you’ll use the punches to tap the pins back in, fixing the Timney trigger into the rifle.

The accompanying video shows you how to install the Brownells Remington 700 DIY Replacement Trigger Kit step by step.

Download the Brownells DIY Remington 700 Trigger Replacement Kit with Trigger Instructions

SPECS: Kit contains Timney 510 Remington 700 trigger module, Brownells Rifle Bench Block, Grace pin punch set with 1 starter punch, 1 center punch, 5 drift punches (1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8" & 5/32" diameters), 1" nylon/brass hammer, and instructions.


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