Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Fits Most AR-Style .308 Rifle Platforms

Rugged steel, phosphate-treated magazine stands up to the harsh conditions of combat and competition. Self-lubricating polymer follower and heat-treated, precision-wound spring delivers 20 rounds of ammo reliably and consistently. Steel floorplate easily removes for cleaning. Fits DPMS Panther LR series rifles (.243, .260, .308 caliber), Knight’s Armament SR-25, Remington R-25 (.308), and Stoner SR-25. Will not fit Armalite AR10.

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SPECS: Steel, heat treated, black oxide finish, polymer follower, 20-round capacity. 55⁄8 long. Fits DPMS Panther LR series rifles (.243, .260, .308 caliber), Knight SR-25, Remington R-25 (.308), and Stoner SR-25. Does not fit the ArmaLite® AR-10®, Rock River Arms, or any rifle using an FN/FAL magazine.


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Cartridge: 308 Winchester, 7.62 mm NATO

Capacity: 20-Round

Quantity: 1

Finish: Black

Material: Steel