Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Carry Additional Clips For Competition & Hunting

Spring steel clip provides quick-to-grasp, instant access to loaded moon clips for rapid reloads. Steel lip holds carrier secure to belt; won't slide or pull off. Nylon cartridge guide positions rounds for correct alignment. 2 per package. Designed to work specifically with six-shot .45 ACP revolvers but can be modified to work with 9mm, .357 and 10mm six-shot revolvers.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:251
SPECS: Spring steel, nickel plated. Nylon guide. Designed to be used with 6-shot, .45ACP clips. Will work with 9mm, .357 and 10mm. Sold in pack of 2.

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Caliber: 45 Caliber (.451-.454)

Capacity: 2

Style: Range Loader