Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Low-profile adapter gives an AR-15/M16 with an A2-style buttstock the convenience and versatility of single-point clip-on sling/mash-hook/H&K sling mounting attachment. Precision machined from 4140 carbon steel for extra strength, with extra metal on the attachment loop, so no matter how hard you pull or twist the sling, this adapter won’t break. Right Hand (RH) model has the loop on the left side to accommodate right-handed shooters; Left Hand (LH) model has the loop on the right for left-handed shooters. Requires no permanent alterations to rifle: simply remove the buttstock, slide the adapter over the receiver extension tube, and reinstall the stock using the included spacer and extended buttplate screw.

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SPECS: 4140 steel, black oxide finish



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