Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Plenty Of Leverage To Remove & Reinstall Any Diameter Float Tube

Heavy-duty strap wrench gives you plenty of leverage to remove screw-on free-float handguard tubes, even those sealed with thread locker or “frozen” on by corrosion between the barrel nut and guard. Large, adjustable strap of tough, reinforced rubber wraps securely around any diameter handguard, with no risk of scratching the finish, and grasps the guard tighter as you apply pressure. Lets you position the strap right over the threaded end of the tube for maximum torque transfer where it’s needed most. Hefty steel handle won’t bend, no matter how much force you apply, and machined aluminum head maintains optimal alignment of handguard, strap, and handle. Indispensable time-saver for professional armorers or anybody who regularly faces the chore of changing handguards.

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SPECS: Steel handle, aluminum head, rubber strap. 10” (25.4cm) O.A.L.