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Easy, Painless Way To Load AR-15/M16 Magazines In The Field

Thumb-saving, lightweight magazine loader provides fast, painless 30-round magazine loading in less than 13 seconds. Accepts 10-round stripper clips or loose rounds for easy loading of 10-, 20-, and 30-round magazines, and is capable of unloading a 30-round magazine in 15 seconds. Ambidextrous, grooved thumb slide provides a non-slip grip for right- or left-hand loading. Constructed of durable, reinforced polymer for dependable operation under extreme field conditions. Fits all AR-15/M16 metal and plastic magazines.

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SPECS: Polymer, black. 5-15⁄16" (13.5cm) long, 1-1⁄8" (2.8cm) wide, 1-3⁄16" (3cm) high. 1.2 oz. (34g) weight. Accepts 10-round stripper clips or loose rounds. Fits all AR-15/M16 magazines.



Mfr Part: SL50B

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Caliber: 22 Caliber (.223-.224)

Capacity: 30-Round

Style: Range Loader