Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Protects The Lenses From Weather & Damage; Flips Open Instantly

Flexible rubber body with spring-loaded, ABS plastic covers help seal out dirt, dust and moisture to keep the lens surfaces of your EOTech holographic sight clean, scratch-free, and ready for use in all shooting conditions. Tabs on the right and left sides of the covers allow a fast, ambidextrous flip-open action with thumb or finger pressure. Front cover opens to near horizontal position to help block rain or sunlight. Rear cover folds back on top of the EOTech’s protective hood to ensure an unobstructed view through the sight. Body section installs under the EOTech protective hood, so it’s not even visible. Noise-absorbing neoprene pads dampen the sound of the rear lens cover contacting the hood during covert operations.

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SPECS: Rubber body, ABS plastic covers, neoprene pads, matte black. 1 oz. (28.4g) weight. Includes Torx wrenches for installation. 511/512/551/552 - 23⁄8" (5.9cm) long, 17⁄8" (4.8cm) wide, 17⁄16" (3.6cm) high. Fits EOTech models 511, 512, 551, and 552.