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Converts Your Field Gun To A Tactical Workhorse

High quality, OEM components allow you to easily transform your Mossberg 500 into a reliable, high-capacity, self defense weapon. 20" long barrel chambered for 2¾" and 3" magnum 12 gauge loads features a fixed cylinder choke for maximum pattern coverage at combat ranges. White bead front with adjustable, U-notch rear sight helps provide rifle-like accuracy when shooting slugs at longer distances. Magazine extension threads solidly into the receiver to provide 8-rounds of firepower; knurled takedown screw retains the tube in the magazine support on the barrel to eliminate the need for a separate barrel clamp. Includes extended-length magazine spring for reliable feeding.

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SPECS: Barrel - Steel, blued finish. 20” (51cm) long. Smoothbore, fixed cylinder choke with rifle sights. 2¾” & 3” magnum 12 gauge. Extension Tube - Steel, blued finish, 8-round capacity. Magazine Spring - Piano wire, extended length. Kit fits Mossberg 500, 12 gauge receivers only.


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Capacity: 8-Round

Gauge: 12 Gauge