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Vertical Forend Grip With Built-In Quick-Deploy Bipod

Dual-function vertical grip locks to the bottom accessory rail of your tactical rifle’s forend to give you enhanced control during CQB and a stable bipod rest for precise long-range fire. The grip’s hand-filling contours and deep grooves provide a solid purchase even when your hands are wet. Hit the large, deeply grooved release button, and a powerful spring deploys the legs instantly. Conveniently placed for thumb activation, the button sits flush with the surrounding surface to prevent accidental deployment. Extended legs provide sufficient elevation for a standard 30-round magazine to clear the ground, and will not snag on brush, vehicle interior, or other gear when retracted. Legs and grip are made of tough, injection-molded polymer; steel cross-bolt with easy-grip thumbscrew locks directly to any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail to ensure a rock-solid fit. GPS-02 has steel inserts in legs for maximum strength in high-stress tactical operations.

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SPECS: Reinforced polymer, Black. 6¼" (15.9cm) long with legs retracted. 8½" (21.6cm) high with legs extended. 13⁄8" (3.5cm) diameter. GPS-02 – Steel inserts in legs. 7.8 oz. (220g) weight.


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Attachment: Picatinny Mount

Color: Black

Feet Material: Polymer

Folding: No

Height: 7 to 9

Style: Fixed

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