Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage


Brownells Rebranding Logos

Our brand isn’t just our logo. It is communicated through every point of interaction our customers have with Brownells. It is how we present ourselves and how our customers perceive us. Following these guidelines ensures complete uniformity in style and formatting wherever the brand is used to ensure that there is no dilution of our message.

Simply click the logo below  to get a high resolution version to download. Right click to save the image for use. If you need an alternative version (vector), please contact our Marketing Department at 641-623-5401.



Primary Logos - Horizontal  


Our Primary logo should always be used if it is feasible. Every effort should be made to create material that is conducive to utilizing either of the primary horizontal logos. Dark Brown is the preferred color for the logo to appear in. However, if you must reverse the logo (logo is lighter than background) DO NOT use the ram. 

Best Use: Enough horizontal space to support the ram but small enough that the tagline is not readable, or, if the utilization of the tagline stamp is desired.





Alternate Logos - Stacked

This alternative logo should only be used where space restricts the use of the primary horizontal logo. The preferred color for these logos to appear in is the Brownells Dark Brown.



Alternate Logos - Stacked

In rare cases we may need to submit a logo where less than ideal placement must be made - either over undesireable colors or busy backgrounds. The below are acceptable only if none of the previous options are feasible.