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How To Build An AR-15 DVD PDFs

Get your PDF instructions for the How To Build An AR-15 DVD.

  1. Introduction, Laws & Variations of the AR-15 - Section 1
    a. Introductions to Building Your Own AR-15
    b. Laws Governing Building Your AR-15
    c. Variations or Types of AR-15s Indroduction
    d. Characteristics of the A1
    e. Characteristics of the A2
    f. Characteristics of the A3
    g. Characteristics of the CAR, M4 & HBAR

  2. How the AR-15 Operates Its Parts & Specifications - Section 2
    a. Options & Specifications for Ordering Parts Introduction
    b. The Upper Receiver Introduction, and Common Subassemblies
    c. Specific Parts for the A1
    d. Specific Parts for the A2
    e. Specific Parts for the A3
    f. The Lower Receiver Introduction, and Common Subassemblies
    g. Specific Parts for the Mil Spec Trigger Group
    h. Aftermarket Triggers
    i. Buttstocks Introduction and Overview
    j. Telescoping Buttstocks
    k. Fixed Buttstocks
    l. Barrels Overview and Specifications
    m. The Bolt Carrier and Bolt

  3. Tools, The Check List for Ordering Parts & Assembly Introduction - Section 3
    a. Tools Needed for Assembly
    b. The Check List for Ordering Parts
    c. Assembly Introduction

  4. Assembling the Upper Receiver - Section 4
    a. Assembling the Upper Receiver Introduction
    b. Assembling the Ejection Port Cover
    c. Assembling the Forward Assist Plunger
    d. Installing the Forward Assist
    e. Installing A1 Sights
    f. Installing A2 Sights

  5. Assembling Mil Spec & Free Float Barrels - Section 5
    a. Assembling the Mil Spec Barrel Overview
    b. Installing the Delta Ring Assembly & the Barrel into the Upper Receiver
    c. Installing a Flash Hider or Muzzle Brake
    d. Installing the Front Sight & Sling Swivel
    e. Assembling a Free Float Barrel Overview
    f. Installing Free Float Handguards & an Aftermarket Pictatinny Rail Gas Block
    g. Installing Free Float Handguards with a Standard Front Sight Base

  6. Assembling the Operating Handle, Bolt Carrier Group & Checking the Headspace - Section 6
    a. Assembling the Charging Handle
    b. Assembling the Bolt Carrier Group Before Checking the Headspace
    c. Removing the Ejector To Check Headspace
    d. Checking the Headspace & Installing the Ejector

  7. Assembling Lower Receiver - Section 7
    a. Assembling the Lower Receiver Introduction
    b. Installing the Magazine Catch
    c. Installing the Bolt Catch
    d. Installing the Pivot Pin
    e. Installing the Trigger Group
    f. Installing the Safety Selector and Pistol Grip
    g. Installing the Trigger Guard

  8. Assembling the Mil Spec Fixed Buttstock & Telescoping Stock - Section 8
    a. Assembling the Mil Spec Fixed Buttstock
    b. Assembling the Mil Spec Telescoping Stock

  9. Function Checking at the Bench & Range, Cleaning & Maintenance - Section 9
    a. Putting the Two Halves Together & Function Checking at the Bench
    b. Function Checking at the Range
    c. Cleaning & Maintenance



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