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Brownells Gunsmith Kinks® - Kink for Interarms/Norinco .22 Semi-Auto Rifle

Constable Tom Dallas, Macon County, Tennessee

The Interarms .22 ATD (made by Norinco) is virtually an exact copy of the Browning .22….however many parts will not interchange and parts for the Interarms/Norinco are virtually impossible to find (due to importation bans imposed on Norinco several years ago).

On both the Browning and the Interarms rifle the outer magazine tube is used to attach the stock to the receiver.

I’ve had two Interarms rifles with the threads on the outer tube stripped such that the outer tube will no longer hold the stock to the receiver. I’ve found the following kink to work well to repair this condition.

Tools and parts needed are:

  • 12mm x 1 tap bottoming tap
  • Brownells roll pin kit (#080-518-000)
  • Correct dill bit for 1/16th roll pin
  • ¾ or 7/8 drill bit/counterbore or reamer
  • Drill press or steady hand

First you should check/chase the rear receiver threads with the 12mm x 1 tap, and tap threads to bottom of hole.

On the outer magazine tube cut off the stripped threads (this should be approx. 1/4 to 2/8ths inch. Clean up cut and starting thread with small triangular file.

Using the 3/4 or 7/8 drill/c’bore or reamer deepen the existing hole in the stock so the outer tube goes deeper allowing the threaded end to protrude approx. 3/8th inch.

Check fit of stock to rifle. If too loose make sure threads are not bottoming out. A spacer may be needed under opposite end of tube depending on exact fit.

Now the inner tube assembly must be modified to work with the 3/8ths shorter outer tube. The plastic grip knob is retained in place with a roll or solid pin. Measure down 3/8’s inch from existing pin and drill another hole and install a 1/16 roll pin. Be careful to avoid the spring inside.

The inner tube will now lock into place correctly to allow function and the knob will protrude enough to grasp for insertion and removal.

Check all work and safety check and test fire rifle.