Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Choke Tube Interchange List

Please Note: This list is to be used solely as a guide. There are always exceptions.

American Arms Interchanges with Fausti/Traditions shotguns
Baikal Interchanges with Standard Tru-Choke
Benelli Current production-square threads. Interchanges with Beretta style thread
Beretta Current production. Interchanges with Beretta-style thread
Beretta Old style-no threads – uses muzzle cap. No known interchange
Beretta Optima Interchanges with Optima thread - Models 682E and DT10
Beretta Optima Plus Interchanges with Optima Plus thread - Model 391A Extrema
Bernardelli No known interchange
Browning Invector Interchanges with Winchester thread, Mossberg 500, Weatherby
Browning Invector Plus Interchanges with Browning Invector Plus thread, Winchester Super X2
Charles Daly Current production pumps and semi-autos interchange with Remington-style thread
Charles Daly Current production O/U, interchanges with Winchester-style thread
Churchhill 12 ga. Interchanges with Fabarm-style thread, some models American Arms
Fabarm 12 ga. interchanges with Fabarm-style thread
Franchi Current production-square thread. Interchanges with Beretta/Benelli style
Franchi Old style-v threads. Interchanges with Fran choke-style thread
Ithaca Old style-fine threads. Interchanges with Standard Tru-Choke-style thread
Ithaca New style 12 ga. Interchanges with Winchester-style thread
Ithaca All 20 ga. New Style Interchanges with Tru-Choke-style thread
Luger No known interchange
Marrochi Golden Snipe Field O/U Interchanges with Browning Invector Plus style
Miroku Interchanges with Winchester-style thread
Mossberg 500 Interchanges with Winchester-style threads, Weatherby
Mossberg 835 Interchanges with 835 Mossberg-style threads
Remington Interchanges with Remington-style threads, Charles Daly
Savage Interchanges with Winchester-style threads and Mossberg 500
Silma No known interchange
Smith & Wesson Interchanges with Winchester-style threads
Ruger Older Models Interchanges with Winchester-style threads – short chokes
Ruger SC / Newer Models Interchanges with Ruger SC-style threads – long chokes
Sako / Tikka 12 ga. Interchanges with Browning Invector Plus-style threads
SIG Arms No known interchange
SKB short style Interchanges with Winchester-style threads, Mossberg 500
SKB Competition Interchanges with SKB competition-style chokes
Stoeger 2000 Semi-Auto Interchanges with Beretta/Benelli-style threads
Traditions by Fausti Interchanges with American Arms-style thread
Valmet No known interchange
Verona No known interchange
Weatherby Interchanges with Winchester-style threads, Mossberg 500 & Weatherby
Winchester Interchanges with Winchester-style threads, Mossberg 500 & Weatherby
Winchester Super X2 & Supreme Interchanges with Browning Invector Plus style
This choke tube interchange list is copyrighted by Carlson's Choke Tubes and is used by permission.