Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Function Checking at the Bench & Range, Cleaning & Maintenance - Section 9

Throughout the process of assembly you have been performing function checks for each subassembly as you’ve built your rifle. Now it is time to test the rifle to see how all the parts work together.

We have provided two steps for function checking. Bench testing is performed without live ammunition and confirms proper manual cycling and the interaction of the subassemblies. Field testing is performed with live ammunition and confirms the proper operation of the fire control systems, the bolt carrier group and live fire cycling. These are important steps that need to be completed when you finish building your rifle. Before heading to the range for field testing, you may want to print the instructions associated with the field testing clip so you have them with you.

The final section covers basic cleaning and maintenance of your rifle. Before you go out and field test, you should perform a basic cleaning of your rifle. This clip is an excellent reference for new AR-15 owners.




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