Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells Gunsmith Tech Corner - April 2005

By Mike Watkins

Question: Will a foresight blade on my .44 Marlin u/l rifle fit the dovetail on my .22lr Marlin 39 Century u/l rifle? I need more adjustment down after fitting a Williams peephole sight. The rifle now shoots 2" high at 25 yards at a maximum adjustment. If this is not possible, could you please advise a suitable alternative replacement preferably not requiring any gunsmithing?

Answer: You will have to measure the width of the dovetail at the widest portion (bottom) to compare them. If it measures .375, any of our standard ramped style front sights will work. This is a link to the correction of sights. It should apply to your rifle.

Question: I would like to know if there is any good way to get a rifle scope (in this case a Burris Signature Series 8-32 power with peep-plex reticle) mounted on a rifle (in this case a Remington 700 Sendero 300 win mag.) so that your vertical crosshair is PERFECTLY vertical. i.e. when changing elevation from a 100yd. zero to a 600 yard zero, or even 1000 yards. There is no windage adjustment needed - - provided of course that there is no actual wind factored in? I should also mention that I am using Burris rings and Pos-Align offset inserts, which I understand CAN offset windage as well as elevation if they are not installed perfectly. I use this rifle mostly for competition at an amateur level, but canted crosshairs have always been a major pet peeve for me. What I’ve done in the past is hang a highly visible piece of rope with a heavy weight hanging from it but not touching the ground, and trying my best to settle the rifle on sandbags without any cant, then turning the scope inside the rings until the vertical reticle lines up perfectly on the oversized "plum bob". This is a little tricky with the offset inserts. I use these in order to achieve a 600 yard zero while still keeping the reticles near "mechanical center". In addition to that, I am never 100% sure if I have the rifle itself sitting perfectly straight up and down in the sandbags. I just thought I would run all this by you folks and see if you had any suggestions to improve on my "do it yourself" technique, as well as finding out which products that I could buy which would make this whole process much more accurate.

Answer: There are no devices that will absolutely guarantee that your Reticle will be square with the world. Your technique is certainly a good one though! We do however, offer the Segway Tool (#857-100-000) and the EXD Vertical Reticle Instrument (#289-100-000) but in both cases, the operator's judgment comes into play just as much as with your plumb line method.