Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells Gunsmith Tech Corner - January 2005

By Tony Barnes

Question: I’ve been thinking about getting a new Ithaca barrel. I’d like to buy a non-ribbed barrel with a rifle sight on it, but I'm just not exactly sure of what I want. Could you let me know what some of my options are?

Answer: We carry the Shotgun Cantilever Scope Mounting Base for a non-ribbed Ithaca barrel. To mount this, you would have to solder a steel base on to the barrel and then attach the scope base mounts directly on that. If you decide to go with a ribbed barrel, the Universal Cantilever Rib Mount will work great. It requires no gunsmith installation and allows you to mount the scope directly on the barrel.


Question: I'm trying to locate a "peep sight" that will fit an RWS Model 34 air rifle. I understand that the scope mount on this rifle is 11mm. I can't seem to find any peep sights with specs that state for sure that it will fit this rifle...or an 11mm scope mount. Does Brownells offer any peeps sights that will fit the Model 34?

Answer: Yes we do. The Williams Krag Foolproof Receiver Sights are for airguns and clamp right onto the dovetail and should fit nicely. For rings, you can use the Millett Angle-Loc Rings.