Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Tropical Pistolas

We’re always extolling the virtues of Brownells Teflon®/Moly Oven Cure, Gun Finish for use on competition guns. Mr. Schmidt lives in Nicaragua and has certainly done us one better with this testimonial of its durability. ....hunting some of the highly populated coffee farms for agouti, a rabbit-sized member of the rat family that is spotted like a fawn and tastes like suckling pig, is not the place to take along the .45 Colt with its big bullet to bounce around and potentially hurt someone, so I take an old Smith & Wesson K-22 with a 6" barrel. That old Smith was confiscated by the Sandinistas in 1979 and tossed onto a cement floor in a poorly maintained armory. It lay there until 1990, when I talked the local commandante into letting me trade some gunsmithing for some old wrecks and rusted-up guns. I got the pick of a big wooden box of old pistolas and immediately picked out that Smith and Wesson, among others. Back when I shot NRA bullseye matches in my youth, I began with my brother’s Smith & Wesson K-22 in that same barrel length and shot it until I saved up enough to buy a Smith & Wesson M-41. When I picked that rusty K-22 up, the cylinder would not revolve and the wooden grips were rotted away on one side where the gun butt lay against the cement floor. And when the gun was confiscated, someone threw it on the floor and smashed the adjustable rear sight. It took some doing, but I got the action working and cylinder revolving. The original bluing was long gone, but the barrel was in good shape and none of the cylinder chambers were pitted. It took two years to get a rear sight, but finally I got that K-22 shooting. With no other finish, the pistola literally rusted while I carried it in the field. I finally resolved that with Brownells Teflon spray finish. Baked in my wife’s oven, the Teflon finish somewhat resembles a glass bead finish and is completely impervious to moisture. I have refinished a Smith & Wesson M-39 and Ruger 10/22, and am tempted to finish all of my remaining, carbon steel weapons. It is that good. Thanks, Carlos. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Reprinted by permission from 1999 Gun Digest, Tropical Pistolas by Carlos Schmidt. Krause Publications, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990-0001, 800-258-0929. © 1998, Carlos Schmidt.

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