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What Security Means to You on
Brownells wants to assure you that your transactions are secure when you place an order through
When you enter the Checkout process of you will notice the address at the top of your browser changed from to This means you have accessed a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) page. The information you enter on https pages is securely passed between your computer and our webserver. The Manage Account page is also a secured page.


Another way to tell if you are on a secure page is the padlock image at the bottom of your browser.


Extended Validation SSL
Extended Validation SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate allows high-security web browsers information to visibly identify as the organizational identity of the website. The address bar will turn green and identify Brownells, Incorporated as the certificate holder.

You'll notice the VeriSign image at the bottom of the screen.

VeriSign is certification software Brownells purchases which enables the security on Clicking on the VeriSign logo will show that has a valid security certificate.

Saved Credit Cards in Checkout

Every page of the Checkout process is under the secure site. Notice the https:// at the top in the address line and the locked padlock at the bottom.

Also watch when you get to Step 3, the Payment option screen. Your saved credit card is shown, just listing the last four digits. will only store one credit card per account.

Credit Card on file

If you are in a corporate setting where your computer can be used or seen by others, it would be in your best interest to click the Logout button before leaving your computer area. This will eliminate anyone from accessing any of your personal information.

For more information, read our Privacy Policy.