Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage


Creating an Online Account Questions

Do I need a username and password to order online?
No you do not. If you're a customer who prefers to enter their information each time you order, we welcome you to do so by checking out as a guest.


Do I need to create a new account each time I order from Brownells?
No. If you have registered once, your personal information will be in our database. To access it, just enter your username and password in the Login section. If you have trouble accessing your account, send an email to Customer Service or call 800-741-0015.

If you are not a registered user, click here to begin.


Do I have to pay attention to case sensitivity (upper or lower case) when I enter my username and password?
Yes. Our system recognizes lower-case letters and upper-case letters as two separate characters.


How do I qualify for the Trade Discount?
For Brownells to extend the trade discount, you must have one of the following:

  • *Federal Firearms License
  • *State, County, or Sales Tax Number or Permit
  • *Any local Resale Permit
  • *Letterhead, business card or documentation of active in-business status
  • *Verification of active status as armorer for military/police/federal or state agency, or other law enforcement agency
  • *Proof of status as in-residence student at a full-time college-level gunsmithing school
  • *Operator of an allied special business, such as: knifemaker, stockmaker, engraver, bit and spur maker, or furniture refinishing shop, which doesn't require an FFL
  • *Full-time active-duty status police officer, sheriff's department, or other law enforcement agency

If you cannot show proof of any of the above, you will remain a retail customer.


I already have an account created on the web, but when I enter my username the computer tells me that the username is already in use. Is someone else using my account?
No, most likely it means the username or password has been entered incorrectly. No two accounts can use the same username or password. First, make sure the username and password field is empty and try again, making sure you are careful about case sensitivity. If it still does not work, email Customer Support or call us at 800-741-0015.