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Order Information & Product Availability

As you're undoubtedly aware, our entire industry is still facing widespread backorder issues in the wake of never-before-seen demand in many product categories. In an effort to keep you informed to the best of our ability, here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions:

When will I be able to get ammunition and/or reloading components?

While we’ve made great strides in returning much of our high-demand inventory to stock, ammunition and reloading components remain a challenge. The worldwide demand for these products remains at an all-time high, thus putting extreme pressure on all of our suppliers. The honest answer is -- we don’t know exactly when we’ll receive much of this inventory.

Our best advice to you is to click on the “Alert Me When Available” tab located next to the product you’re trying to find. This will provide you with an immediate email notification when that product returns to stock.

How can I determine the status of my order?

If you’d like to check the status of your order, and you have your order number and ship-to zip code, click here.

When can I expect my backordered items to ship?

As much as we would like to tell you, we don't have that information. Our back order/out-of-stock issues are mostly related to supplier shortages – the end result of incredible demand.

A note on gun powder orders…

Federal law limits the amount of powder we can ship daily. Therefore, depending on order volume, we may not always be able to provide same-day shipping on gun powder.

Are you changing prices?

No. We never have, and never will, raise our prices because of increased demand. As always, we will maintain fair market prices, only increasing them when suppliers pass along increases to us.

Will I be charged more than once for shipping if my order is sent in multiple shipments?

No. You will only pay for shipping ONCE per order. All subsequent shipments on that order will be covered by US.

Our Promise To You

It is our distinct honor to serve you each and every day. Customers just like you have been trusting Brownells to deliver lifetime-guaranteed gun parts, tools and supplies to their doorsteps and business for nearly 75 years. Customer service is paramount in this organization, and we're proud that EVERY decision we make is based on how much value it brings to you. We ask that you kindly bear with us and we strive to return to business as usual. As always, your trust means the world to us.

Please know that we guarantee our products FOREVER, we NEVER charge unfair prices and we ALWAYS care about YOU!