Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage


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About Montezuma

Life in Montezuma: The Best of Both Worlds

Why Brownells?

Selection, Service, Satisfaction. That’s our business motto. It’s how we treat our customers…and our associates. We select the best individuals and serve them with the best compensation and benefits package we can. Then, we offer a satisfying team environment to work in.

Why Montezuma, Iowa?

Commerce and country living. Doing worthwhile work is made so much better when we can live a fulfilling life at home.

Montezuma is…home. 

Montezuma still has real kids who look like the ones Norman Rockwell used to paint pictures of. 

It has real scenes, every day, of kids and parents and townspeople at ballgames, and families and friends boating, fishing, skiing or camping at one of our lakes.

It’s a paradise for outdoors lovers, with parks and forest preserves and lakes and shooting ranges and hunting ground.

Montezuma spins around its K-12 school, which is located in one building in the middle of a 30-acre campus. Scholarship is important here. So are extracurricular activities, including athletics and speech and drama. The school’s nationally-regarded FFA program prepares students for agri-business…and the work world beyond the school environment. It’ has won more state championships than all other Iowa FFA programs combined!

Montezuma offers the best of two worlds. It’s just an hour east of Des Moines and an hour west of Iowa City, where cultural opportunities, shopping, restaurants and major athletic events beckon.

It’s just 15 minutes from Grinnell College, where, because of a generous endowment, all cultural events and athletic contests are offered to the public free of charge!

Montezuma remains a relatively safe place. People still keep an eye on other people’s children.

Montezuma is eight miles south of Interstate 80. That makes it accessible. That also helps keep it…quiet.

Imagine yourself walking across the early-morning dew on an emerald green golf course at Montezuma Country Club. You can smell last evening’s freshly-cut grass and the flowers that just opened for the day. You can hear different birds singing. Listen real close and you might even hear their wings flapping as they fly overhead.

Now, picture taking your fishing boat out early on a calm morning on Diamond Lake. Yours is the first boat on the water, which is a mirror reflecting the shoreline foliage that’s in front and on the sides of you.

A fish sounds off to the left, and you head for the spreading circle on the water.

Now, it’s a late summer afternoon, and you can hear the squeak of your neighbor’s wooden swing on his porch.

Come evening, and you’re aware of the sound your own shoes are making on the asphalt hiking and biking trail you’re on in Diamond Lake Park. Off to your left, you hear the sound of brush breaking, and you catch a glimpse of a majestic white-tailed deer, cruising along on one of its favorite paths.

On another evening, you can visit Montezuma’s historic courthouse square, home of the first monument in the United States devoted solely to the Bill of Rights. Stroll down the street and browse through the 14,000 volumes and other amenities in Montezuma’s state-of-the-art public library.

Come back to the square during one of the Summer Nights events, and you’ll be able to enjoy games for the kids, a custom car show, family fun foods and maybe a concert.

If you miss that, there will be other events coming along, from fishing derbies to pancake breakfasts to a Fourth of July celebration to a fly-in for model airplane enthusiasts from around the world.

Montezuma is more than fun and safe. It’s convenient.

You can walk downtown during your lunch hour to pay your utility or phone bill. You can walk across the street to the grocery store!

We have a medical clinic here, a dentist, a chiropractor and a facility that does outpatient therapy. We’re just minutes from Grinnell Regional Medical Center, a full-service hospital that’s a model for rural communities.

Montezuma is proud of its heritage. A Monte 2020 Committee is making sure we keep up with our changing world and have a vision for our future.

Montezuma remains a smile-and-a-handshake place.

It’s our home. We hope you make it yours.


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