Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells Website

Welcome to Brownells’ information page. allows you to design your dream AR15 rifle just by clicking or dragging images of parts and accessories to the build area. It couldn't be easier!

There are many ways to use

  1. Popular prebuilt models have been provided; select a prebuilt from the selection area at the top of the screen; then modify it with different parts.
  2. To build one from scratch, begin by selecting your receiver(s) -- uppers or lowers -- stripped or complete -- from the appropriate drop-down box and allow the images to load across the top selection bar. Then, click or drag the accessories you want.
  3. For the maximum level of customization you can select stripped upper and lower receivers then choose from our huge selection of components and parts kits to build a customized AR15. With so many combinations, you’re sure to find the rifle that suits you best.
  4. Already have an AR15 you’re looking to customize? No problem. Simply build a replica of your rifle(s) and customize from there.

Once you have an AR15 built, you can save it for future reference to your account. Simply login, or create a new account, then name & save your build in the lower left-hand corner. On your next visit to, log into your account -- all of your previously saved builds will appear in a drop down box. Build and save as many as you wish!

When you're ready to order your build, click the “Send to Cart” button in the lower right of screen. Your build will be transferred to for checkout.