Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells Catalog #73 PDFs

Dear Folks –

We are very pleased to present you with this latest edition of our Master Catalog, No. 73. We are proud that even in this digitally connected world, "The Big Book" remains a benchmark for the state of the firearms industry. And what a year it has been since our last Big Book came out!

Brownells Catalog #73 Cover

We began 2020 with the industry in a slump and a contentious presidential election on the horizon. None of us saw the worldwide pandemic coming, nor did we expect the demand for guns, ammo, parts, and accessories that Covid-19 brought. We appreciate this year's growth in our business and your continued support, but we know that it has come at a great cost. Some of you have lost jobs, suffered through the disease itself, or even lost loved ones to it, and for that we offer our sincerest sympathy. We would gladly trade this year's increase in demand if the world could have been spared the ravages of Covid-19.

As we write this, shortly after the election, it is still unclear who will be President of the United States on January 20, 2021. So much is uncertain right now, we will resist the urge to speculate on the future. Our goal is, as always, to serve you, our customers, to the best of our ability. We hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

You might have noticed this Big Book is coming out later than usual, February instead of August. We held off a few months to get more new products into it, as trends in the industry continue to evolve rapidly. The AR-15 is now truly America's Rifle, and you'll see many exciting new products in the AR-15 section. The rapid growth in products for customizing polymer-framed pistols shows no sign of slowing. Fifteen years ago, the only upgrade you could make to your Glock® or similar pistol was to change the sights. Now, the sky is the limit, and nothing beats being able to offer your customers a state-of-the-art pistol customized exactly the way they want it. We are very pleased that our Brownells pistol slides (see page 214) have played a big role in "growing" this market for our gunsmith customers.

This past year has proven how critical E-commerce has become to our industry and many others. We pride ourselves on shipping most orders within a day, under normal market conditions, of course. But sometimes an order goes astray between our warehouse and your door. That's why we started the Brownells Shipping Protection program. For a small fee of $3, your order is insured for full replacement if it gets lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. Just another way we make sure that when you order from us, you get what you need! As always, nearly everything you buy from us is still Guaranteed. Forever. If you're not completely satisfied with something you've bought, for any reason, return it to us for a full refund or exchange.

Frank and Pete Brownell

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Very Best,
Frank & Pete

On The Cover: BGW Gunsmithing

The heart of the gunsmithing industry has always been the small family-owned shop. That's how Brownells started in 1939, so it's fitting this year's Big Book cover features Matthew Bates, proprietor of BGW Gunsmithing in Nampa, Idaho, his "junior partner" son Elias, and his dad Roger, COO of BGW. It's been an exciting - and challenging - year for Matt and his family. He moved to Idaho and opened up his shop just as the Covid-19 epidemic hit full force.

Montgomery Community College Gunsmithing Program

Matt is guided by a simple motto: "An excellent gunsmithing experience." He works on his customers' guns as if they were his own. As a "GP" gunsmith, he takes in all kinds of projects, and every project is different in its own way. "A gunsmith is required to master a lot of skills," he says, "the thrill is in combining many skills into a whole craft. There's an emotional investment, too, that reward you feel when you fit the parts of a gun together to look like it came from the factory that way."

Matt grew up in southern California, as a teenager working at the same civil engineering firm his dad worked for, and graduating from college with a mechanical engineering degree. A stint working at a gun store introduced him to gunsmithing, and he found he really enjoyed working on guns. A one-week summer gunsmithing class made him re-evaluate his engineering career, and he joined the two-year gunsmithing program at Lassen Community College. After working in and eventually managing a gunsmithing shop, Matt realized it was time to strike out on his own. But California is not friendly to our firearm freedoms, and "I wanted to raise my family in a free state." An intensive search and advice from a friend led him to Idaho.

"I'm building a real legacy. It's a labor of love and the hours are long, but it's my dream and not somebody else's," Matt says. He's grateful for the welcoming reception from the folks in and around Nampa and the work they've already brought him. What about the future? Right now, BGW occupies one suite of an industrial building. Matt wants to see it expand to take up the whole building, and eventually move beyond gunsmithing and providing Cerakote® services to manufacturing. We hope to see his products in a future Big Book!