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NOT Show 2021 Day 5: Great News from Stag Arms

Paul and Caleb have Big News: Stag Arms said "buh-bye" to Connecticut and moved their entire operation to firearm-friendly Wyoming. Despite that nearly 2,000-mile trek, they still had time to develop a lot of new products. The attention to practical detail on their compact .300 Blackout AR pistol is impressive - right down to making sure the barrel markings are visible through the solidly locked-down M-LOK® handguard! If you need an AR with more reach, you'll love their long-range rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor and 6mm ARC, the latter making Stag one of the FIRST manufacturers to offer complete rifles in this hot new caliber. Don't worry, they still offer their line of purpose-built LEFT-HANDED ARs, too!

Day 5: NEW from Wilson Combat & Area 419

Steve and Paul still have a lot to show us! Wilson Combat's low-pro AR-15 backup sights offer all-metal construction and Wilson quality at an amazing price. Their WCP320 Grip Module brings a 1911-like balance to your SIG Sauer P320, plus a superbly ergonomic grip that'll feel like it was molded to your hand. Wilson's new AR-15 charging handles also have upgraded ergos AND your choice of three lever sizes. Finally, from Area 419 comes the solid, precise, overbuilt (in a good way) Zero Turret Reloading Press, with NINE die stations.

One More Thing: Introducing the NEW 1-8x MPO Scope

Did we save the best for last? You can decide as Paul unveils the brand-new Brownells 1-8x24mm Match Precision Optic®. Its wide field of view helps you lock onto targets FAST, even FAST- moving targets. Made in Japan with premium glass, this MPO variant comes at an amazingly affordable price with NO skimping on features: 30mm tube, throw lever on the magnification ring, and precise, tactile "clicks" on the adjustment knobs. And when you have it cranked up to full 8x power, the unique "N-OMR" crosshairs won't cover up the target.

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The giveaways have come & gone. Thank you to all who entered. Winners listed below.

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Day 4 Recap: January 21, 2020

NOT Show 2021 Day 4: New from Hornady Security®

Caleb and Paul have good news from our friends at Hornady, specifically their firearm security division. Their new flagship product is the RAPiD® Safe Night Guard™, which is essentially a quick-access lockbox for your home-defense handgun that hides in plain sight. It looks like one of those fancy desktop radios, but when you wave the RAPiD® Safe RFID key fob, bracelet, or sticker (maybe on your phone), the drawer pops open for instant access to your gun. A 1,500-lb. rated steel cable ensures your Night Guard™ doesn't walk away!

Day 4: Latest from Vortex Optics

Steve and Paul have exciting news from Vortex: The Fury HD 5000 AB Laser Rangefinding Binocular will accurately range a deer-size target out to 1,600 yards and a highly reflective target out to 5,000 yards! Plus, the on-board Applied Ballistics® software takes the guesswork out of landing those shots. A cross between a red dot sight and a traditional scope, the rugged Spitfire Prism Sight is available in 3x and 5x magnifications. There's now a solar-powered version of Vortex's beloved SPARC red dot sight (with battery backup, J.I.C.), plus a whole new line of tripods and mounts / adapters for your spotting scope.

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Day 3 Recap: January 20, 2020

NOT Show 2021 Day 3: New from Aero Precision

Steve and Paul are back to introduce us to the "Breach" - the new AR-15 charging handle from Aero Precision. The Breach is truly ambidextrous, meaning that when you grab EITHER lever, you can fully, positively cycle the handle in one swoop, no hangups. Get the Breach with minimal-profile Small levers that resist snagging on other gear, yet still give you comfortable, ergonomically friendly operation. Or choose Large levers that give you solid a "purchase" to cycle the action FAST. Machined from extra-strong 7075 T6 aluminum, with a tough matte black finish.

Day 3: A Word From Today's Co-Sponsors

Paul and Caleb show us the new RAVE-140 drop-in AR-15 trigger from Rise Armament. It has a 3.5 lb. single-stage pull with absolutely NO take-up. As soon as you apply pressure to the trigger, you've started the sear release sequence, making the RAVE-140 is exceptionally responsive. The GForce Arms GF12AR is an "AR-12" tactical shotgun with an AR-15 style action and controls. Benefit: you use the same "muscle memory" as when shooting your rifle. There's even AR-15 style Picatinny rail on top for an optic or "iron" sights, plus rail segments up front for other accessories.

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Day 2 Recap: January 19, 2020

NOT Show 2021 Day 2: New From CMC Triggers

Paul Levy and Steve Ostrem have some great news about a new 100% drop-in AR-15 trigger from our friends at CMC Triggers. The CCT™ Combat Curve Trigger offers minimal locktime, a pleasantly creep-free 3.5 lb. single-stage pull, and the proverbial "glass smooth" break, followed by an equally snappy reset. The unique hybrid trigger shoe gives you the comfort of a traditional curved shoe combined with the precise indexing of a flat target shoe. The CCT™ comes from the factory pre-set and ready to drop into any AR-15 or AR-308 that accepts a standard "mil-spec" trigger.

Day 2: A Word From Our Co-Sponsors

Caleb joins Paul to tell us about the latest from Grey Ghost Gear, including the Minimalist plate carrier in their body armor lineup. From the Grey Ghost Precision side of the house, there's a selection of new pistol slides, including upgrade slides for the SIG Sauer P320 and P365, plus slide completion kits, too! The crew at Sons of Liberty Gunworks has been just as busy developing complete AR-15 upper receiver groups, lower receivers, and a whole slew of SOLGW's own high-performance small AR-15 components.

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Day 1 Recap: January 18, 2020

NOT Show 2021 Day 1: New Gear from Magpul

A quartet of new items: The PRS® Lite AR-15 stock weighs 10 oz. less than the PRS Gen3, yet costs HALF as much, while delivering the adjustability precision rifle shooters need. MBUS® 3 backup sights combine the rugged polymer construction of the original MBUS with the compact size and features of the MBUS Pro in an accurate, dependable, affordable package. The QR Rail Grabber is a rugged, versatile, quick-release 17S-style adapter for mounting bipods on RRS, ARCA, and Picatinny rails. Attaches and detaches quickly - so you can concentrate on what's downrange! If you have big mitts, you'll love the MOE® K2-XL Pistol Grip - 25% larger than the original K2 grip and even has a handy storage core inside.

Day 1: A Word from Our Co-Sponsors

Sneak previews of the G4 Free-Float AR-15 Handguard from Midwest Industries, plus Polymer80's PF9SS 80% Single-Stack Pistol Frame for building your own custom, compact, every day carry pistol with popular Glock 43® components. Finally, if you think there's nothing new under the sun in magazines, check out the PMX 30-round AR-15 mag from, THRiL.

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