Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells Catalog #72 PDFs

Dear Folks –

On behalf of everybody here at Brownells, Pete and I are delighted to put in your hands this latest edition of our Master Catalog. This year, 2019, is special for us because we're celebrating our company's 80th birthday, and this "Big Book" continues to be a benchmark for what's going on in the firearm industry.

In our connected world, where you can buy anything you need or want via your smartphone, we are thrilled by how many people of all ages tell us how much they love this book. More than a way to obtain products, the Big Book is a unique collection of information, knowledge, and the accumulated wisdom of generations of gunsmiths. As you can see from all the "NEW" bursts in the following pages, it's also jam-packed with new products - stuff everybody's buzzing about and just gotta have.

Speaking of buzz, our Retro Rifle line of early AR-15 and M16 replicas and parts continues to garner praise from the gun press and shooters alike. We've added complete, "plug-n-play" upper receivers that fit both our Retro lowers and any mil-spec lower in your parts drawer (p. 11). New this year is our BRN-180 upper (p. 2). Not exactly "retro", it's a totally modern, pistonoperated upper based on the AR-180 of the 1960s. All the moving parts are inside the receiver, so yes, folding stock fans, this one's for you! And it, too, fits any mil-spec lower.

The wave of products for customizing modern pistols has, if anything, grown larger in the last year. Match-grade barrels, trigger upgrades, 80% frames, and our line of Brownells slides for the Glock® (p. 212) are thick on the ground! Although geared toward D.I.Y. folks, these parts also provide great opportunities for the pro gunsmith to offer affordable custom services. Not every shooter wants to build his or her own gun, in the same way that not every driver wants to build a custom street rod.

I've only touched the tip of the iceberg! Along with the many exciting new products in here, you'll find some things that haven't changed. Everything you buy from us is still Guaranteed. Forever. If you're not completely satisfied with something you've bought, for any reason, at any time, return it to us for a full refund or exchange. Phone, e-mail, and website chat support from our knowledgeable Gun Tech crew is still FREE; no minimum order size; next-day shipping if you need it; and other shipping options to suit your budget.

Pete and I believe Brownells has thrived for 80 years, while many of our competitors have disappeared, because we listen to you. If you have a moment to spare, please tell us what we're getting right and what we can do better via Facebook, e-mail, phone, or even the ol' USPS. Subscribe to our Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram feed to keep up with all our latest news. If you haven't already, visit to sign up for e-mails, so we can keep you up-to-date on new products, sales, and special offers.

Very Best,
Frank & Pete

On The Cover: Montgomery Community College Gunsmithing Program

Montgomery Community College Gunsmithing Program

In today's highly charged political environment, gunsmithing schools are a refreshing rarity among colleges and vocational institutions. Situated in the low rolling hills of central North Carolina, the gunsmithing program at Montgomery Community College in Troy, NC, offers a well-rounded gunsmithing curriculum, and has been in operation since 1978. The goal of the program is to educate gunsmiths for employment within the firearms industry. MCC offers students an opportunity to earn a two-year Associate of Science degree in gunsmithing, as well as certificate and diploma options. Students receive hands-on training in a multi-faceted and wellrounded gunsmithing curriculum. Courses include an in-depth study of machining, precision rifle building, general and advanced firearm repair, stock making, handgun repair and customization, metal finishing, and modern sporting firearms.

In addition to the classrooms and labs that one would expect to find at a community college, the state-of-the-art facility features two complete machine shops with a full complement of lathes, milling machines, grinders, and tooling specific to the gunsmithing trade. Facilities also include bluing and polishing equipment and a painting area complete with paint booths and large ovens for applying modern painted finishes such as Cerakote®. The college has an extensive firearms library containing examples of common firearms found in the industry. Additionally, the campus has an on-site firing range that is used for test-firing and training.

Montgomery Community College is one of only four gunsmithing schools in the United States to offer NRA Short-Term Gunsmithing courses. These classes are seminar-type courses that are available to students from around the United States.

MCC Faculty members are all professional gunsmiths with years of industry experience. Students have the opportunity to benefit from the wealth of practical experience that these professionals bring to the institution.