Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells SW Desert Dash

  • 6 Days
  • October 10 - 15, 2019
  • 20 Spots Available
  • $1,800 Rig Entry/Driver
  • $1,000 Per Passenger
  • Book Now

First Ever:

Brownells SW Desert Dash

Join the Brownells Adventure team and make lifetime memories on the inaugural Brownells SW Desert Dash. Spanning five nights and six days, the Brownells SW Desert Dash is an overland expedition for 4WD explorers guided by Brownells Adventure Team members Yeti & Yolo as well as some of the Brownells crew!

The rally-style journey winds through rugged, wild landscapes by day, followed by overnight campfire stops at unique locations in the Mojave Desert.

The Brownells SW Desert Dash will give smiles for miles to a happy caravan of like-minded, free-spirited souls. Participants must provide their own self-sufficient vehicle, tools and supplies.

Expedition membership is limited, so claim your spot now.

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TruckHaven 4x4 Training Grounds

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Salvation Mountain

The fifty-foot-high, one-hundred-fifty-foot-wide outsider art masterpiece is a fascinating roadside attraction not to be missed! Made totally of local adobe clay and donated paint, this truly giant art installation is unique in the USA and likely the world! Salvation Mountain is a must-see stop on this adventure!

Sculptures of Borrego Springs

Wander in wonder as you snap photos among the huge sculptures of gifted artist Ricardo Breceda! This can’t-miss destination features over one hundred full-size metal depictions of a massive serpent, dinosaurs, historical characters and more dotting the landscape of the Borrego Valley.

Salton Sea/Bombay Beach

The long-abandoned Salton Sea is a shell of what was a fabulous resort town featuring the small Bombay Beach. Walk among the ruins a once-bustling town nestled hundreds of feet below sea level. The sea is shrinking because the flow of water into the lake is greatly reduced, and salinity is high. This historical spot won’t last forever. See it before it’s gone!

Meet The Guides

Full time adventurer's Yeti & Yolo are both well versed in back country travel & offroad competitions. These two embody the outdoor lifestyle and are sure to make this incredible journey beyond memorable!

Yolo - This amazing young lady was part of motorsports history in 2016 when she successfully competed in the first all female offroad navigational rally in the US. Traveling over 1200 offroad miles in 10 days all by map and compass. Yolo and her Adventure partner, Yeti live an incredibly nomadic lifestyle from the trails of Baja where they host an annual expedition from coast to coast, as well as compete in outdoors & offroad skill tournaments as teammates. They recently wrapped up a 500 day Adventure camping and wheeling some of the most remote & incredible locations in North America out of their Jeeps.

Yeti - A master fabricator & professional competitor with arguably more seat time behind the wheel of a expedition vehicle than most, he will be sure to guide you through some of the most beautifully challenging trails the southwest has to offer. This outdoorsman is proficient grilling trail side eats, as he is a published campfire cook.

Gear List

You and your rig must be fully self contained. To download a printable list click here.

Required Gear:

  • Camping gear: camp chairs, sleeping bags, tent, flash lights, headlamp, etc.
  • Warm weather clothes, chilly night clothes, hiking shoes, comfortable shoes/boots, sandals, swimsuit & towel, a hat
  • Sunscreen, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and all personal hygiene items
  • First aid kit, with any needed personal medication
  • Back up of fresh drinking water and washing water

Suggested Gear:

  • Any special snacks and drinks you would like to have on the trail between provided meals.

Vehicle Requirements:

  • A mechanically sound and trail worthy vehicle. It’s up to you to have your rig ready to go prior to the start of the Adventure.
  • Vehicle must be street licensed, insured and capable of off-road, street, and highway driving.
  • Selectable high low 4 wheel drive.
  • Minimum tire size 33” or comparable size, with spare in good usable condition
  • True all terrain tires OR the more aggressive mud terrain tires
  • Fuel range of 200 miles per tank minimum. If you know you can’t go that long without refueling, especially while extended off-road driving, it’s up to you to pack reserve fuel cans accordingly.
  • Minimum of 5 gallons extra fuel (10 gallons suggested)
  • On board fire extinguisher and within reach of driver seat
  • Front and rear recovery anchor points
  • A solid recovery gear kit: tow strap (rated for your vehicle), at least two soft or hard shackles, hi-lift jack or any jack with capabilities to be used in an off-road environment, gloves.
  • On board air for tires (either tank or compressor)
  • Any needed service/replacement fluids for your vehicle for daily use service or for repairs.
  • Tools & spare parts (you know your rig best) pack anything you know may be needed or has the potential to fail on the trail as we will be often times very remote