Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells coverage of Shot Show 2017: January 17-20,2017

Looking for the latest from SHOT Show 2017? Keep checking this page for exclusive videos with manufacturers and industry figures, as well as coverage of new product announcements. Let Brownells show you the Best of SHOT Show 2017!

Videos from The Brownells Booth

Watch videos that were recorded live in our Shot Show 2017 Brownells booth.

Booth Guests Included:

  • Guns of Hollywood
  • Jason Burton, Heirloom Precision
  • Lou Ferrigno
  • Geoffrey Herring, Fightlite
  • Janna Reeves
  • Taran Butler, Taran Tactical
  • Bill Geissele, Geissele Automatics
  • Jan Mladek, Smith & Wesson
  • Monty LeClair, Centurion Arms
  • Zachary Law, Zev Technologies
  • Larry Vickers, Tangodown/BCM/BlueForceGear
  • Lou Ferrigno
  • Steve Satern, Satern Barrels
  • John Paul, JP Enterprises
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Facebooking From Shot Show!

Brownells & Eden Rose (@lilreddanger89) bring you exclusive behind the scenes footage, new product previews, and in booth action directly from SHOT Show 2017! Stay right here for video updates all day long as Eden Rose strolls the SHOT Show floor to keep you in the know even if you couldn't Lil Red From Shot Show take part in all the Vegas shenanigans this year! Be sure to watch your Instagram app to catch all the Stories we will be posting as they will only display there!

We've put together some awesome Dream Guns® this year! Shop their parts and build your own!

Since 2011, Brownells has created unique Dream Guns® to fuel imaginations and to show off the almost-endless possibilities available to Brownells' customers. Dream Guns® inspire enthusiasts to build, upgrade and customize their own guns using Brownells’ wide range of parts and accessories. In 2016, Brownells began to sell guns online, creating a unique "one-stop-shop" where customers can get the gun they want, plus everything else they need to transform it into the one-of-a-kind ballistic creation of their dreams.
Lou Ferrigno's Big Green Dream Gun

Lou Ferrigno's Big Green Dream Gun

Big. Bad. Belt-Fed. And Green. The Big Green Dream Gun, built with Lou Ferrigno, is a Fightlite MCR rifle with a custom finish, Elcan 1.5-6X SpecterDR Optical Sight, and a monster-strong Atlas Bipod.


Use this link to enter today!

Big Green Dream Gun Poster

Free Poster!

Download a printable version of Lou Ferrigno’s Big Green Dream Gun!

S&W All American

Smith & Wesson® All American

Smith & Wesson® just released the M&P® 2.0 – the updated, enhanced version of their already-great M&P®. We customized one with a Trjicon RMR, a trigger shoe and threaded barrel from Apex Tactical and a Gemtech Luna Suppressor. We iced that greatness cake, including the suppressor, with an American Flag color scheme from Battle Arms Development. Stand up and salute!

Centurion Aero AC-15

Centurion Aero AC-15

Start with an Aero Precision OEM rifle from Brownells. Mix in some Magpul, a little Trijicon, a pinch of Centurion Arms and a dash of Law Tactical, and Voila! A fast-handling, accurate carbine to take on targets up close or waaaaay out there.

Wilson Combat X-11 1911

Wilson Combat X-Tac 1911

Wilson Combat has a well-earned reputation for excellent 1911 pistols. We’ve taken a Wilson Combat X-Tac, and added our own special touches to it. A Stainless match barrel, new safeties, Ultralight match trigger and a new slide stop, and you’ve got a 1911 with Wilson Combat reliability and high quality that’s just a little bit different.

ZEV Glock Dream Gun

ZEV Glock

Want Glock® performance in a package that doesn't look like all the rest? Check this out! We've given the "Zev Treatment" to a classic Glock® pistol. A new Zev slide with unique serrations and a special cut to accept the RMR red dot sight. A threaded 9mm barrel for easy suppressor attachment. An ultra-smooth Fulcrum Comp drop-in trigger kit that retains the reliability of the factory safety. And that's just the start!

X-22 10/22 Takedown Dream Gun

X-22 10/22 Takedown

The Ruger® 10/22® is one of America's most-popular .22 rifles. We grabbed a Takedown model and amped it up just a bit with a Magpul Takedown Hunter X-22 stock and scope base. We added a Timney Trigger and a Volquartsen bolt handle, and topped it off with a Nikon 2-7X32 P-Rimfire scope. Boom! One bad plinking machine.

BMC AR-15 Dream Gun


The BCM OEM RECCE with mid-length gas system is an excellent blank canvas for this Dream Gun. We've added BCM furniture, Magpul BUIS, Trijicon MRO, and a Geissele SSA Trigger, along with a suppressor-ready Dead Air KeyMount Flash Hider. This carbine is up for anything!

Tangodown Glock Dream Gun

Tangodown Glock

Everybody loves the Glock® G17. We've enhanced one – floorplate to front sight, muzzle to slide cover plate – with the best TangoDown parts and accessories. A great Dream Gun for anyone who wants to retain the familiar Glock® look, but add some nice extra touches.

Retro AR XM177

Retro AR XM177

Our XM177 Dream Gun is a true Brownells original. Using both our own Brownells M16A1 Lower and Brownells M16A1 Upper, this retro classic captures the look and feel of an iconic, early version of Eugene Stoner's brainchild

Centurion Aero AC-15

Free Magpul Poster!

Stop in our booth and pick one up, or download a printable version right here!

Map to Brownells Shot Show Booth

If you are at SHOT Show 2017 be sure to make your way to Booth #13018 and say hello!