Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells ESG Essentials Kits help save you time and money by packaging the essential things required to make it through any sort of emergency into handy kits. There’s no need to spend hours compiling your own kit and no chance to overlook important items. These kits also save you money over purchasing all the gear separately. Each kit comes with its own bag, pack or container, and an easy-to-read patch or label that lets you instantly identify it in an emergency. Get your Brownells ESG Essentials Kits today. Prepare. Equip. Survive. Brownells.


Brownells ESG Essentials Ultimate Pandemic Kitcontains Filter Mask 10-pack, Stansport Soap, Survival Towel 2-pack, Nitrile Ambi Textured Gloves 100-pack, Adventure First Aid Kit, Zippo Emergency Fire Starter, Jetboil Zip, 100gm Fuel Can, Organizer Bag and ESG Patch.
Brownells ESG Essentials Basic Pandemic Kitcontains Anti-Bacterial Wipes, 10-pak filter masks and 100-pak nitrile gloves. 080001191
Brownells ESG Essentials Pandemic Kit contains Filter Mask 10-pack, Stansport Soap, Survival Towel 2-pack, Nitrile Ambi Textured Gloves 100-pack, Adventure First Aid Kit, Organizer Bag and ESG Patch. 080001169

The Brownells ESG Essentials Ultimate Car kit is a more-comprehensive kit that contains: Red Rock Small Paramedic Bag, ESG Patch, Adventure Medical Weekender First Aid Kit, Gerber E Tool With Pick, Gerber Multi-Tool, UST Blastmatch, Emergency Fire Starter, Polytac LED Tac Light, 2 Pack VooDoo White Lightsticks, 2 Pack Replacement Batteries, SOL Emergency Blanket, Adventure Bath Wipes, and Rescue Flash Mirror. 080001160
The Brownells ESG Essentials Car Kit contains Adventure Medical 1.0 First Aid Kit, Streamlight Microstream Light, VooDoo Pocket Survival Tool, United Spirit 24-hr Hygiene Kit, UST Volt, Red Rock Small Paramedic Bag and ESG Patch. 080001161
The Brownells ESG Essentials Winter Upgrade is designed to be added to the Car Kit. It contains Emergency Zone Reusable Hand Warmers, Condor Outdoors Shemagh Tan/Black and Stansport Camp Blanket. 080001162
Add the Brownells ESG Essentials Summer Upgrade Kit to the Car Kit. Kit contains Balmshot Lip Balm, Adventure Medical Kit Natrapel, Condor Outdoors Shemagh Tan/Black and LifeStraw. 080001163

The Brownells ESG Essentials Blackout Kit contains Duracell AA Battery 24-pak, Duracell AAA Battery 24-pak, Streamlight Microstream Flashlight, UST Brila Mini Lantern, Midlands Radios Same Portable Radio, Adventure First Aid 1.0 Kit, Organizer Bag and ESG Patch. 080001171

The Brownells ESG Essentials Stranded Kit contains Duracell AA Battery 24-Pak, SOL Fire Lite Kit, Esbit Pocket Stove With Fuel, Stansport Saw, Ace Camp Survivor Multi Tool Shovel, Stansport Compass, Stansport Mess Kit, Stansport Cutlery Set, Lifestraw Personal Water Filter, Easy Care Outdoor & Travel First Aid Kit, Natrapel 8-Hour Insect Repellent Wipes, Midlands Radio Same Portable Radio, Organizer Bag and ESG Patch. 080001172

The Brownells ESG Essentials Civil Unrest kit contains handy organizer bag, Pro Mag Archangel Defense Pen, OC Spray, a baton and a folding knife. 080001115

The Brownells ESG Essentials Emergency Gun Bag Kit contains Remington Universal Cleaning Kit, Break Free Weapon Wipes, 24 Pack, Ontario Survival Knife, Burris Lens Pen, 2 Brownells 20rd Magazines, ASP Airweight Baton, Top Cop .68oz Spray, E.A.R. Ultra-Fit Ear Plugs, Corded w/Case, Brownells Clear Shooting Glasses, Gerber Dime Multi-Tool, Gerber Gator Machete Jr., Brownells Versatile Light, Streamlight Micro Light, Streamlight Trident Headlamp, Adventure Medical Adventure Trauma Pack, Adventure Medical Kits Afterbite, Brownells AR Multitasker, Ace Camp Survival Multi-Tool Shovel, Condor Outdoors Products Black Shemagh, VooDoo White Lightsticks 2 pk, Stansport Candles, TurboFlame V Flame, UST Butane Fuel, Balm Shot, Stansport Camp Blanket, Rite-In-The-Rain Notebook, Rite-In-The-Rain Pen, LifeStraw, Camelbak Eddy Hydration Bottle, Stansport Toilet Paper, Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Bath Wipes-Travel Size, Midland Pocket Radio, Duracell Pro Cell AAA Batteries, Surefire 123 6 pk batteries, Voo Doo Tactical 50 ft Paracord, SOL Fire Lite Kit, Condor Outdoor Products 3 Day Assault Pack and ESG Essentials Patch 080001113

The Brownells ESG Essentials Home Kitcontains Mountain House Just In Case Essentials, Sawyer All-In-One Filter, Stansport Candles, Adventure Medical Kits Easy Care All Purpose First Aid Kit, UST Pico Glo Lantern, Industrial Revolution Pocket Stove with Fuel, Midland Crank Radio, Solio Bolt, Duracell Pro Cell AA Batteries, Duracell Pro Cell AAA Batteries, Streamlight Headlamp and a Plano Small Sportsmans Storage Trunk. 080001105

Brownells ESG Essentials Hygiene Kit contains a handy organizer bag, United Spirit OK Kit includes soap, toiletries, sunscreen, anti-fungal foot cream, anti-bacterial wipes, and water purification tablets to purify up to 3 liters of water. Kit also contains wipes and compact, but highly-absorbent survival towels. 080001116

Brownells ESG Essentials Power Kit includes: solar chargers, rechargeable batteries, and an adapter that lets you charge USB devices in a car’s 12V outlet, organizer bag and Power Kit patch. 080001114

The Brownells Water Filtration Kit contains everything you need to collect, purify and filter water in an emergency situation, neatly packaged into an organizer bag for easy storage and transportation. Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water, and the chlorine dioxide tablets will chemically treat 30 quarts. Oral IV additive helps you stay properly hydrated, and helps replace essential electrolytes and minerals lost through exertion. Hook-and-loop patch helps identify bag contents for fast reference. 080001117

Brownells ESG Essentials combines four ESG Kits into one comprehensive package. ESG Essentials includes the ESG Power Kit, Hygiene Kit, Water Filtration Kit and Civil Unrest kit, each in an organizer bags with ESG patches to help instantly know what’s in each bag. The ESG Essentials contains Power Kit, Goal Zero Guide 10 Kit, Goal Zero Rechargeable AAA Batteries, Surefire CR123 Batteries-6 Pack, UST Volt XL-Black, Organizer Bag and ESG Essentials Power Kit Patch Hygiene Kit contains United Spirit OK 72 Hour Kit, Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Medical Wipes, UST Survival Towel-2 Pack, Organizer Bag and ESG Essentials Hygiene Kit Patch Water Filtration Kit contains Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System, Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Tablets, Camelbak 1L Eddy, Oral IV ESG Essentials Water Filtration Kit Patch and Organizer Bag, Civil Unrest Kit contains Pro Mag Archangel Defense Pen, Top Cop .68oz Stream, ASP Baton, Ontario Knife JPT-3S Drop point Folding Knife, Organizer Bag and ESG Essentials Civil Unrest Kit Patch. 080001128