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Converts Your Favorite Shotgun To A Smaller Gauge

Get the advantages of less expensive ammo and softer recoil when you convert your favorite shotgun to a smaller gauge. Precision-machined, aluminum sleeves reduce your chamber diameter so you can shoot several gauges from a single shotgun. Reduced recoil and report make them the perfect instructional tool for new shooters and when training bird dogs. Target shoot or hunt small game with the gun you’re most comfortable with; no need to switch back and forth and lose your shooting rhythm. For use with target loads in over and under, side-by-side and single-barrel shotguns. Sold in pairs only. Not for use with steel shot or slugs.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:208
New Product Supplement, Issue:566, Page:020
SPECS: Aluminum, anodized finish. For use with 2¾" chambers and longer (2½" or longer in .410).