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Inert Barrel For Safe, Realistic Training & Function Testing

Provide realistic, hands-on training with this replacement barrel that allows safe service pistol use during classroom demonstrations and instruction. Converts a functional pistol into a non-loading, non-firing gun, so you can still operate the slide and dry-fire the weapon during presentation drills. Easily identifiable, bright yellow color indicates the gun is safe for training. Constructed of high strength, polymer composite that’s resistant to solvents allowing a lifetime of use.

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SPECS: Polymer composite, bright yellow. TB001 fits Glock® 17, 22, and 31; TB002 fits 19, 23, and 32. TB005 fits 1911 Govt.; TB006 fits Commander. M&P training barrel fits 9mm and .40 M&P in full size only.

Training Barrel-Glock 17/22
098000052Training Barrel-Glock 17/22

Mfr Part: 845879020236


Out of Stock (until 4/25/2015)
Date is estimated.
Training Barrel-Glock 19/23
098000053Training Barrel-Glock 19/23

Mfr Part: 845879020229


Out of Stock
845879023718 TRAINING BARREL-M&P 9/40
Training Barrel-S&W M&P 9/40
098000180Training Barrel-S&W M&P 9/40

Mfr Part: 845879023718


In Stock
845879038453 TRAINING BARREL 1911 COM
Training Barrel-1911 Commander
098000181Training Barrel-1911 Commander

Mfr Part: 845879038453


In Stock
845879022551 TRAINING BARREL SIG220226
Training Barrel-Sig Sauer 220/226
098000182Training Barrel-Sig Sauer 220/226

Mfr Part: 845879022551


In Stock
845879042795 TRAINING BARREL SIG228229
Training Barrel-Sig Sauer 228/229
098000183Training Barrel-Sig Sauer 228/229

Mfr Part: 845879042795


Out of Stock (until 5/8/2015)
Date is estimated.
845879042207 TRAINING BARREL-XD 5"
Training Barrel-Springfield XD 5"
098000184Training Barrel-Springfield XD 5"

Mfr Part: 845879042207


In Stock
845879042214 TRAINING BARREL-XD 4"
Training Barrel-Springfield XD 4"
098000185Training Barrel-Springfield XD 4"

Mfr Part: 845879042214


In Stock
845879022575 AR15/M4 TRAINING BOLT
Training Bolt-AR-15/M4
098000186Training Bolt-AR-15/M4

Mfr Part: 845879022575


In Stock