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Internal Safety System Prevents Unauthorized Weapon Operation

Easy-to-use internal safety device protects against unauthorized use of firearm and accidental discharge. Inserts into chamber like a live round or snap cap. When you squeeze the trigger, the impact of the firing pin on the SafeShell causes a spring-loaded extension to project into the barrel, preventing the slide of a semi-auto from racking or the cylinder of a revolver from turning. Insert the reset tool into the muzzle to retract the extension, then cycle the action to eject the SafeShell. May be left in the chamber unactivated; when you need the gun, simply rack the slide or advance the cylinder to clear the SafeShell, so the weapon may be operated normally. An attempt by an unauthorized person to fire the gun will activate SafeShell, making the gun inoperable. Precision machined from aluminum; rugged design allows hundreds of activation/reset cycles. Distinctive yellow and blue markings clearly distinguish SafeShell from live ammo, dummy rounds, or ordinary snap caps.

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SPECS: Aluminum, anodized, bright blue and yellow finish. Available in .40 S&W, and .38/.357.

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$21.99 $24.95