Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage


  • Vivid, movie quality, digital imagery zombie targets
  • Target image is high fidelity, ultra-visible, and creepy real
  • Equipped with Visicolor technology
  • Heads of zombies react to hits with a radiation green color
  • Zombie bodies react with a fluorescent yellow
  • Misses and accidental hits to hostages react in white
  • Hostage variety pack has three different target designs
  • Attack variety pack also has three different target designs
  • Variety packs include six targets total
  • Bulk packs of 50 targets are available with two different target designs
  • Large, 18" x 12" target size
  • Full color, high quality paper


  • Realistic and vivid images provide for a totally new shooting experience
  • Visicolor allows for easy tracking of hits and confirmed "head shots" on the zombies
  • High volume shooters preparing to defend against the zombie hoards have the option of the 50 count bulk packs
  • A wide variety of target designs allow for multiple zombie scenarios


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Quantity: 50

Style: Silhouette

Target Size/Type: Large 12 to 20

Type: Papers