Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The MGM Football Target. Developed and manufactured in America by MGM Targets and based on the patented invention of Aaron Witmeyer, of Prineville, Oregon. The Football target follows the design of the very popular MGM Spinner Target. One on one competition with the spinner target travelling along the screw drive shaft as it is shot sending it right to left then left to right. Or two competitors choose to shoot the spinner’s top target or bottom target then fire simultaneously or take turns sending the target sailing toward the goal lines on the left or the right until it stops with a TOUCHDOWN! Competitors. Whoever gets to the end zone first WINS!! Great fun for all ages and skill levels. Parents who are shooting against their children or less experienced opponents can handicap it by merely moving the target closer to the opponent’s end zone to start.



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Quantity: 1

Style: Spinner

Type: Steel