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Loads Moon Clips Fast, Hands-Free

Specially designed pliers puts an end to the dreaded chore of seating stout revolver cartridges into tight-fitting moon clips. Strong, 10-gauge steel handles pivot smoothly and provide plenty of leverage for effortless, one-handed loading. Eliminates bruised, cut-up fingers, bent clips, and hours of monotony that could better be spent shooting! Simply install mandrel, place cartridge on loading tray, align the engagement, and squeeze. Cartridge snaps firmly into place so you can move onto the next one. Non-slip, rubber sleeves cushion your palm and fingers to eliminate soreness and hand fatigue. Locknut at pivot joint allows adjustment for handle tension. Interchangeable mandrels fit TK Custom full moon clips. Pliers and mandrels sold separately. BM fits Bob Miles clips. Note - some TK moon clips are designed for use with WW, Starline, or other brands of brass with similar size extractor groove. For best results, follow the recommendations for your specific moon clips when using this tool.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:229
New Product Supplement, Issue:565, Page:019

SPECS: 10 ga. steel, blued finish. 8½" (21.6cm) OAL.

TK-A .5690  625X6, 45 ACP MANDREL
Mandrel TK-A, .5690" fits S&W 625/25-2 .45 ACP, 6-SHOT
100001487Mandrel TK-A, .5690" fits S&W 625/25-2 .45 ACP, 6-SHOT

Mfr Part: TKA

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Caliber: 45 Caliber (.451-.454)

Capacity: Unlimited

Style: Accessories