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Loads Pistol Magazines Fast, Protects Fingers & Thumbs

Hand-held loader fills pistol magazines quickly and easily, so you spend less range time loading mags and more of it shooting. Smooth, positive operation protects fingers and thumbs while you load hundreds of rounds painlessly—as fast as one round per second. Also lengthens magazine life by reducing wear and tear on feed lips. Hold the magazine upright with the bottom resting on a solid surface. Place the loader over the top of the mag, press down lightly while squeezing the lever to depress the follower, drop in a round, and work the lever quickly to push it into the mag. Repeat the process until the magazine is full. Constructed from tough, reinforced, black polymer. Locks closed when not in use, so it takes up minimal space in pocket or range bag. UpLula fits single- and double-stack 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, 10mm, and .45 ACP magazines, plus some .380 mags. Will not load Glock 6-round single-stack .45 caliber, Smith & Wesson 7-round single-stack 9mm, or magazines with less than 8mm between feed lips.

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SPECS: Reinforced polymer, black. UpLula - 27⁄8" (7.3cm) long, 1¼” (3.2cm) wide, 3¼” (8.3cm) high. Fits single and double stack magazines from 9mm to .45 ACP


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Caliber: 38/357 Caliber (.357-.359), 9 mm (.355-.356), 40/10 mm (.400-.401), 45 Caliber (.451-.452), 45 Caliber (.451-.454)