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Reproductions Of USGI Originals Give Your Carbine An Authentic Look

High-quality, new-production replicas of the original-issue G.I. sling and oiler give an authentic, vintage look to an M1 Carbine or a Ruger® 10/22® equipped with a West One M1-style stock. The sling is made from period-correct O.D. green cotton, not nylon, webbing with stamped steel tabs on the ends to prevent unraveling and make it easy to thread the sling through the stock. The stamped steel buckle is an exact replica of the original, while the snap closely resembles the “Klikit” snap, down to the brass stud and retaining clip. The steel oiler/sling bar has a slightly different serrated cap (originals were knurled), O-ring seal, and a pin dauber for applying small amounts of oil. Still the handiest, most practical sling for carrying an M1.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:260

SPECS: Sling – Cotton webbing, O.D. green, with steel hardware, black oxide finish. 46" (117cm) long x 1" (2.5cm) wide. Oiler – Steel, Parkerized, light gray finish. 25⁄16" (7.1cm) long, 7⁄16" (11.1mm) diameter.

M1 Carbine Sling & Oiler
100006115M1 Carbine Sling & Oiler


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Color: O.D. Green

Material: Cotton

Style: 2-point Sling

Width: 1"