Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

  • Original tan suede/beige color
  • Made of 10/10 Army duck cotton (no carry strap)
  • Internal military grade Velcro no leak filling spout and seams
  • Butterfly rifle rest hinge action allows for a rock-steady shooting platform
  • Lightweight and conveniently sized for easy adjustment
  • Pre-filled with 14 pounds of cat litter, walnut, and corncob media to absorb shot vibration
  • 9-inch tan suede leather top offers exceptional gripping
  • Cradle height approximately 3.5 inches
  • Dimensions when filled: 8x10x12 inches
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee against wear and tear

You can trust the Field Khaki 10/10 Army Duck Bag to support you as you make the shot of a lifetime. This bag is one of the original Bulls Bag field shooting rests and features their butterfly rifle rest hinge action that creates a vise grip by locking the rifle into place and gives you a rock-steady shooting rest platform out in the field. When used properly, the shooting rest design requires no rear support so it alleviates unwanted pressure points. This bag is pre-filled with cat litter, which absorbs shot vibration and is lightweight enough to easily change shooting positions in the field.

The field Khaki Army Duck Bag is made of high quality 10/10 Army duck cotton and has gold embroidery on the sides. The double seam construction and fill spout design promise years of reliable use. It has a 9-inch suede leather top that provides maximum gripping and reduces felt-recoil and muzzle-jump.

SPECS: 10/10 Army duck cotton, Suede leather top, Internal military grade Velcro no leak filling spout and seams, butterfly rifle rest, Lightweight, Pre-filled with 14 pounds of media, 9’inch tan suede top, Cradle height approximately 3.5 inches, Dimensions when filled: 8x10x12 inches, Lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee against wear and tear.



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Color: Khaki

Material: Cotton

Style: Butterfly