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Uniquely Uses Mercury Inertia To Absorb Painful Recoil

Helps counteract the painful effects of recoil using mercury, one of the heaviest, densest, liquid elements. Compact, permanently-sealed, steel case is made from bar stock; the only moving part is the liquid mercury so there’s no wear, no chance of leaks. Mercury's viscosity varies only 1% from 0° F. to 90° F. which means the recoil-fighting performance is consistent in almost all weather conditions. Stock Models fit in rifle or shotgun stocks and are drilled and tapped ¼"-28 tpi for easy installation and removal. Chamber model is attached to a 12 gauge chamber snap cap and drops into the unused barrel of an O/U when shooting singles. Magazine Tube fits into the 4-round magazine tube of a pump or semi-auto shotgun. Replaces the migratory bird plug. Includes nylon spring seat adapters for 12 gauge guns, also fits 20 gauge shotguns with adapters removed. Benelli Montefeltro - Threads onto the bolt extending from front of magazine.  Beretta 390 and 391 - Replaces the magazine cap. T-Handle - Makes it really easy to install and remove all stock models. Items must ship UPS Ground.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:431
New Product Supplement, Issue:571, Page:006

SPECS: Machined, stainless steel tubes. Short Stock - 3" - 3" (7.6cm) x .875" (22mm) dia., 8 oz. (227 g) wt. Standard Stock - 4" A - 4" (10cm) x .875" dia., 11 oz. (312 g) wt., 4" B - 4" (10cm) x ¾" (19mm). Standard Stock - 4.25" B - 4.25" (10.6cm) x 11/16" (17mm). Standard Stock - 5" A - 5" (12.7cm) x .750" (19mm) dia., 11 oz. wt., 5" B - 5" (12.7cm) x 7/8" (22mm), 16 oz. wt. Chamber - 5" long x .750" dia., 11 oz. wt. Magazine Tube - 5" (12.7cm) long x .750" (19mm) dia., 11 oz. wt. Benelli Montefeltro - Flat black finish, fits Montefeltro, Legacy, Sport, Competition. 4" (10cm) long, 8 oz. (227 g) wt. Beretta 390 - 3.6" (9.1cm) long x .49" (1.24cm). 8.2 oz. (232 g) wt. Beretta 391 - 4" (10.1cm) long x .750" (19mm) dia. 8.4 oz. (234 g). T-Handle - Aluminum handle, stainless steel shaft. ¼ -28 threads, 3.25" (8.2cm) x 6" (15.2cm). Items must ship UPS Ground.

Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.