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  • KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads reduce more recoil
  • Less recoil reduces flinching, eases sore shoulders or cheeks
  • By reducing the rebound effect of the first shot, second shots are quicker and more accurate
  • Pad will not “bottom out” as other materials tend to do even after thousands of compressions

#AR-15 Snap-On Tactical Pad with ¼” Sorbothane Insert

  • Designed to fit most AR/M4 6-position adjustable stocks and installs with no stock modification required
  • Comes with Sorbothane insert, which is the revolutionary shock absorbing material designed solely to absorb shock impact
  • Designed for trouble-free installation and removal with its Snap-On Design
  • The non-slip surface of the pad will help provide proper shouldering during extended shooting times
  • Slips over the hard plastic buttplate of most AR/M4 T-6 stocks and adds approximately ½” to your length-of pull
  • This pad will help you maximize your shooting comfort, improve your shooting results, and radically decrease your felt recoil


In Stock

Color: Black

Material: Sorbothane

Style: Slip-On

Thickness: .5