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The AR/M4 Assault Combo Pack includes Snap-On Recoil Pad, Pro Handgun Grip, and Sharpshooter X-ring.

AR/M4 Slip-On Recoil Pad:

Incorporates LimbSaver’s patented award-winning recoil technology including 3-step, break-away, atmospheric air chamber, and anti-muzzle jump technology. Limbsaver recoil pads are widely used by military personal, law enforcement agencies, and a variety of sportsmen.

Pro Handgun System:

The Pro Handgun system was designed to provide maximum reduction of muzzle jump and recoil for a smoother, more accurate shot.

  • Fits most full-size semi-automatic pistols
  • No-slip grip, even when wet
  • Felt recoil reduction

Sharpshooter X-Ring

Provides sub-minute angle groups with over-the-counter factory ammunition.

  • Improves accuracy
  • Tightens groups
  • Dampens barrel whip
  • Fits multiple barrel sizes
  • Easy to install


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Color: Black

Material: Polymeric Foam

Style: Snap-On