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Catches Shotgun Empties Saves Them For Reloading

Spring steel clip stops cases in the ejection port for easy removal. No more bending/stooping to pick up cases or losing them to ranges with “If it hits the ground, it’s ours” policies. Snaps easily to side of receiver just below the ejection port; snaps off when you need to cycle more than one round, as when shooting doubles. TS-391L model features an integral action closing lever with a large contact pad that lets you activate the bolt release quickly and easily.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:204
New Product Supplement, Issue:532, Page:000

SPECS: Spring steel, plastic coated, black. “T” and “ST” models have black, TFE coating unless otherwise specified which blends in with most blued finishes. All models fit 12 gauge. TS-1100 and TS1100T also fit all Rem. 1100 20 gauge models except Youth LT-20. TS-1100 will not operate on Rem. 1100 Classic Trap. TS-AL2 also fits Beretta Urika 391 20 gauge.

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Product has been discontinued and no longer available.