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Take the convenience of two lights in one when you have the Coleman® CPX™ 6 Duo LED Lantern. The lantern shines for up to 56 hours. During an emergency, pop one of the two lights off the base for a personal flashlight. They recharge once they’re back on the base for hands-free light. CPX™ system compatibility lets you choose your power: four D cell batteries or one CPX™ 6 rechargeable power cartridge. LEDs last a lifetime, so they never need replacing and they run cool so the lantern is always safe to touch, even when it’s been on for hours.

SPECS: CPX™ 6 compatible, powered by 4D cell batteries or one rechargeable cartridge (both sold separately). Beam distance: 10 meters for lantern, 8 meters for light panel. Two lanterns in one. 56 hours of runtime in lantern mode. Each rechargeable panel runs for up to 2.5 hours when removed from charging base. Wide handle openings accommodate work gloves. Tough polycarbonate lenses resists damage. Each lanterns panel has individual on/off switch. Lantern foldout foot allows individual panels to stand on their own. Perfect for campsite or power outages when light might be needed in more than one place. Light includes 4 D battery pack. Optional 6V rechargeable battery pack available.E ach lighting panel has individual on/off switch. Dimensions: 6.5 in. x 10.5 in. (16.51 cm x 26.67 cm). Product weighs 2.94 lbs. (1.33 kg) without power source.

CPX 6 Duo LED Lantern
100013424CPX 6 Duo LED Lantern

Mfr Part: 2000008548

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Emergency Situation: Blackout

Location: At Home

Battery: D Cell

Lumens: 150, 60

Style: Lantern, ...

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