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Versatile 3 Stone Sharpener harnessing the best of 3 worlds: Diamond, Alumina-Oxide, and Ceramic. The full Diamond surface is the fastest way to reset an edge. The long lasting Alumina-Oxide and Ceramic surfaces are used for sharpening and then finishing. The result is a stand alone sharpening center that will do it all, with better versatility than other similar products and last longer doing it. The sturdy plastic base boasts a wide footprint with a low-profile and non-slip rubber feet for unparalleled stability. Screw receivers designed into the base offer easy bench mounting if desired.

Diamond Stone – for fast reconditioning (100 grit)
Alumina-Oxide Stone – for sharpening (240 grit)
Ceramic Stone – for final polishing (1000 grit)


Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.