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Ambidextrous inside-the-pocket holster protects the gun and prevents its shape from “printing” on the outside of the garment, while still allowing quick access. Designed to grab the edges of a jacket pocket or front pants pocket to enable a one-handed draw, so the holster stays behind, as you pull the gun free. Made with the same attention to detail and quality as Galco’s outside-wear holsters.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:234
Personal Protection, Issue:01, Page:002

Double-stitched premium horsehide, rough exterior, tan/light brown. Ruger LCP also accepts Diamondback DB380, Kel-Tec P32/P3AT. J-Frame accepts Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver with 2” barrel, including Models 36/49/442/640 and similar, as well as Charter Arms Undercover, Colt Detective Special, Ruger SP-101, Taurus Model 85.


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Color: Natural

Hand: Left, Right

Material: Leather

Style: Inside-the-waistband Holster

Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.