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Strong, Lightweight & Adjustable; Dual Quick-Release Retention Systems

Rugged, lightweight, thermal-molded laminate holster securely retains your pistol during the most strenuous tactical maneuvers and prevents seizure by unauthorized personnel. Dual quick-release locking systems ensure that you—and only you—can access your weapon. The Self Locking System (SLS) prohibits access until you push down on the thumb lock and rotate the protective hood forward. Upward force on the gun’s grip without releasing the lock actually makes the weapon more secure. Hood also serves as a hammer blocking device on a pistol carried in Condition 1. In addition, the Automatic Locking System (ALS) automatically grips the gun from the inside every time you holster it. After releasing the SLS, your thumb is positioned to pull back on the ALS release lever and complete a straight-up draw that is natural, smooth, and faster than traditional snap-and-strap systems. The hood guard at the front of the holster further blocks unauthorized access by another person but won’t interfere with your access to the controls. Nearly indestructible Safari-Laminate™ is thermal molded to encase the gun and protect it from impact, while the molded sight track and soft suede lining protect sights and finish. Setscrews allow adjustment retention force to prevent movement of gun when walking or running. Adjustable vertical strap mounts to any width duty belt, and a hook-and-loop system lets you set the exact holster height you want. A contoured leg shroud with two adjustable straps secures the holster to your leg for maximum stability and comfort.

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SPECS: Safari-Laminate™, nylon, ABS plastic, with suede lining, black. Fits full-size 1911 with 5” barrel. Right hand only.
Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.