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Maximize Space, Organization and Accessibility of Handguns

Gun Storage Solutions American-made Handgun Hangers individually suspend each handgun underneath a shelf in a gun safe, closet or cabinet.  Regain shelf space, organize pistols and increase accessibility.  Handgun Hangers will hold as small as 22-caliber and are vinyl coated to protect the bore of the gun.  Shelf requirements: at least 10.5” deep; 5/8” – 1” thick.  Allow room for length of gun and ensure door will shut when using this product.

Over-Under Handgun Hangers provide an innovative way to store pistols by utilizing the wasted space underneath the shelf and displays a gun above the shelf as well. The spot above the shelf is great for guns with scopes. Clear off shelf space and make room for more ammo, important documents, ect. With Over-Under Handgun Hangers, guns are easier to access and make a nice presentation. Shelf requirements: Fits On Shelves 5/8"-7/8" Thick. Shelf Must Be At Least 11" Deep  To Use This Product.

SPECS: Handgun Hangers - wire with scratch and oil resistant vinyl coating. Fits as small as 22-caliber. Over-Under Handgun Hangers- For Guns With An Overall Length Of 10" Or Shorter. Vinyl Coated Black. Fits As Small As A 22 Caliber.