Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Purchase The Six Handgun Rack & Receive The 12x24 Field Mat At 1/2 Price

Purchase the six handgun rack and receive the 12x24 field mat at ½ price. The Six Handgun Rack provides space saving efficiency that makes best use of limited storage area. Tough, vinyl coated, steel framework offers a non-slip coating for extra security. Six gun rack will organize and store handguns in your gun safe or cabinet. Holds semi-autos and revolvers of any barrel length. Peg Board rack holds one handgun. Ideal to utilize that unused space on the door of your gunsafe. Includes mounting plate for non-drilled walls. Field Mat is 12" (30cm) x 24" (60cm). A soft, flexible, liquid-absorbing bench mat which features a non-slip EVA backing that will not take a set, so it rolls out flat and ready to protect the finish on your favorite firearm. Absorbs ten times it’s own weight in liquid, shielding the surface of your work bench or vehicle cargo area from spills while it protects your firearm from damage. Completely reusable, wash with warm water and mild detergent. Polypropylene fiber, brown, expanded, vinyl acetate backing.

Brownells Christmas , Issue:3X, Page:004