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Don't Sink Your Gun - Get A Case That Floats With The Gun Inside

After countless hours of sighting-in, cleaning, and protecting your gun, the last thing you need to see is it sinking to the bottom of a lake or river on your next hunting adventure. With Brownells Signature Series Floatation Gun Case, you can forget about pre-dawn swims to retrieve a cased gun that’s gone overboard. This case actually floats with a gun inside! When we developed it, we combined the very best design features with cutting-edge materials to create what we feel is the ultimate floatation case. And, we just couldn’t help it – we made it look fantastic, too! Beneath the Cordura Plus shell is a core of closed-cell foam and an inner liner of open cell foam that fully protects your gun from nicks and dings. Your gun will rest on luxurious, brushed Tricot that won’t scratch bluing or snag on scopes and sights. Extra height at the middle and rear of the case make it large enough to accommodate long-range scopes with super-huge objectives. Interior flap covers the butt of the firearm for added protection and security. Super-strong, polymer, quick-release buckles stay closed and have adjustable straps for a secure fit. Box-X stitched, nylon, carry handles make transportation a breeze. Sturdy D-rings at the ends allow attachment of your sling strap. Good-looking exterior features a wide, bellows pocket with brass zipper pulls and leather assists to ensure everything you need for your gun stays with your gun. Clear, plastic window accepts your I.D. card for easy identification. A leather patch with the Brownells ram on the outside lets people know you only accept nothing but the best.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:340
New Product Supplement, Issue:581, Page:017
SPECS: 1000 denier Cordura Plus nylon exterior, brown. 51" (131cm) long, 12" (30.4cm) wide at buttstock, 5" (12.7cm) wide at muzzle, 2.5" (6.4cm) thick. Pocket – 8.5" (21.6cm) long, 5" (12.7cm) high, 2" (5.8cm) wide.



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Color: Brown

Material: Soft

Size: 51

Style: Rifle, Rifle/Shotgun, Shotgun