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  • High strength plastic
  • Oversized hinges
  • Interchangeable O-ring seal
  • Automatic air pressure purge valve
  • Adjustable padded divider tray
  • 2 padlock holes
  • Chromed steel metal locks
  • Several color options available
  • Outside dimensions: 19.75L x 15.53W x 7.48D inches
  • Inside dimensions: 18.29L x 13.19W x 6.62D inches
  • Weight with dividers: 8.53 pounds

The Seahorse SE 720 Case with Divider Tray is what you need when every piece of your equipment needs an individual protective compartment to keep it all safe while you travel. This hurricane case is crafted of durable, extra strong plastic and features oversized hinges. It has an internal strength that surpasses mil-standards of 400 pounds stacking pressure -- without failure or damage. Interchangeable O-ring seals make the case watertight, airtight, and dust proof. The air pressure that builds up during flights is taken care of with the automatic air pressure purge valve that relieves pressure so you can open it instantly after a flight. Added security comes with two padlock holes, one on each side of the container, and chromed steel metal locks.

Black only Outside dimensions are 19.75L x 15.53W x and 7.48D. Inside dimensions are roomy: 18.29L x 13.19wW x 6.62D. The SE720 case with divider tray weights 8.53 pounds. The divider is made up of thickly padded, Velcro lined walls that you can adjust to fit any configuration needed. The next time you need a security case that will hold your valuable items, go with Seahorse and the SE 720 Case.

SPECS: High strength plastic, Oversized hinges, Interchangeable O-ring seal, Automatic air pressure purge valve, Padded Velcro lined divider tray, 2 padlock holes, Chromed steel metal locks, Colors: Black, Outside dimensions: 19.75L x 15.53W x and 7.48D, Inside dimensions: 18.29L x 13.19W x 6.62D, Weight with divider: 8.53 pounds.


Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.